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GullyyT20 is a game that combines the excitement of live events during a T20 cricket match with housie thereby giving players a chance to stay involved with the game and win prizes at the same time. Starting with the IPL 2018, we will be covering all the main T20 league matches played around the world.
Easy! All you need is to provide your mobile number and OTP to sign up. Once you are signed in, you should update your profile completely and validate your email id. All subsequent sign –in will be through the mobile number and OTP method only.
Oops! It has to be a temporary issue with the OTP delivery. Wait for some time and try again. If the issue persists after entering the OTP too, then you could reach out to us through the channels mentioned under Contact Us.
You can create only one account with one mobile number on GullyyT20.
Absolutely! Simply log into the GullyyT20 app go to the Profile section. You will be able to update/edit your information here.
Some emails take time ? . Please check the spam folders of your mailbox. Mark our GullyyT20 id as not spam. . Alternatively it is possible that you may not have entered the correct email address during registration. Check the email id entered and modify it if it is incorrect. If the issue still persists you could reach out to us through the channels mentioned under Contact Us.
Absolutely not!. GullyyT20 is a game of housie linked with events of a T20 cricket game. You just need to play like you would play a game of housie. More details are given in the How to Play section.

How to Play

Once you’ve signed in, you can look at the match schedule of all upcoming. Choose the matches you wish to buy tickets for. You can buy a maximum of 10 tickets per match. Once you’ve chosen your ticket pay for the tickets and then the tickets are yours!
Your ticket has 15 cells. 9 of the cells are numbers. These are the runs scored in a particular over of the match. For e.g. if 7 runs are scored in the 4th over of the match and you have 7 on your ticket, it will get struck out. If 13 runs are scored in the 6th over of the match add you have 13 on your ticket, it will get struck out. 6 of the cells are events that can occur during the match. For e.g. if you have Hit Wicket on your ticket and a batsman is given out Hit Wicket, it will get struck out. Similarly if you have LBW on your ticket and a batsman is given out LBW, it will get stuck out.
Touch your finger tip on any event cell and you will see the event clearly displayed on the tooltip.
Once you’ve both the tickets you can do the following. Note you have time to complete all of this till 30 minutes before start of the respective match for which you have tickets. All tickets will be locked 30 minutes before each match. Shuffle – this lets you shuffle the numbers/events in all the cells of the ticket. So it actually presents a new ticket to you. Edit – you will see an edit option next to 3 numbers and 3 events. You can choose to edit all or any of these 6 cells depending on match conditions and your assessment of the teams and their performances. There is a time limit of 90 second / per ticket to complete the above 2 activities.
The prizes for each game are the same as the regular game of Housie. There will be 5 prizes for every match i.e. Jaldi 5 (any 5 numbers/events), 1st row, 2nd row, 3rd row and Full House.
The prize amounts will be announced before each match. It will be a function of the total collections from ticket sales of each match and a part of that amount will be distributed.
If you win a prize, say Jaldi 5 – you need to click on the Claim button. This will take you to a simple multiple choice quiz question. Answer it correctly and you are now eligible for the prize. An amount equivalent to the prize amount will bre credited to your Gullyy Cash wallet. Using this cash you can redeem to get gift vouchers or even use the Gullyy cash to buy tickets for future games.
We had run a quiz competition before the launch of the GullyyT20 app. Those who had participated and given right answers got Gullyy coins. These coins too can be redeemed to buy GullyyT20 tickets for the matches. Going forward we will run various promotions that will also have Gullyy coins as prizes.
GullyyT20 is a fully automated and end to end secured application that gets live cricket feeds. If GullyyT20 shows a lag, the reason for that is the lag from the feed provider.We assure you that all live and offline users playing GullyyT20 will simultaneously face the same lag that you are facing. This means your chances of winning are not impacted. Additionally the tickets that you see on the app are stored securely in our database and are marked off against the feed which means you do no lose out on your chance of winning vis a vis any other player of GullyyT20
GullyyT20 is fun game that changes your passive engagement with live cricket to being interactive and exciting. A lot more interactive features will be added with time that builds on the excitement and improves your winnability beyond the usual housie patterns of Jaldi 5, Rows and Full House
The method followed is the same as Housie. If you are the first person/persons to get the pattern at the same time, your claim button will be lit up for you to claim the prize. Complete the simple quiz question to win the prize. All prizes will be distributed equally between the number of claimants. For e.g., if 4 people win Jaldi 5 and the prize money is Rs.800 each claimant will get Rs.200 in the wallet.


Winning a prize is confirmed immediately. Gullyy cash will be credited to your wallet. If you want to use the Gullyy cash for gift vouchers, you have to follow the redeem process. Please ensure your email id is verified since gift voucher codes will be sent only by email to verified email id’s
We will ensure, we send out the gift vouchers within a week at the outer to your email idf. Sometimes the validation process could take time. If you need to check, you could get in touch with us through the channels mentioned under Contact Us.
The Gullyy cash and coins can be used as long as the app is active and live matches available. We will endeavour to honour all the outstanding Gullyy cash and coins. Further details are available in our Terms & Conditons
The terms of the gift voucher are linked to the provider of gift voucher. These terms should be mentioned in the email you receive with the gift voucher. Any queries on the gift voucher should be directed to the provider of the gift voucher.


It is absolutely safe. We do not store your credit/debit card details or CVV number with us, We have partnered with a trusted third party payment gateways with 3D secure authentication to ensure safety & security of all your financial transactions.
The company will make a decision on a case by case basis and will try to keep in mind the best interests of our customers. Details are also available in our Terms & Conditions
No, you do not need to be on the ticket screen during the course of the match. However it is better to keep checking the progress as there is a time limit to claiming the prize int eh even of you having won any of the prizes.
GullyyT20 is a multi player game where by the user tickets are matched off against live game events. These tickets though generated randomly, allows you to customize them based on your assessment of the game much before the game begins and hence GullyyT20 is not betting. Your winning a prize is an outcome of your skill and a bit of chance that even the underlying gaming event or cricket also has.